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Basement Drywall in Northern Utah

Valley View Homes UT provides high-quality basement finishing services to customers throughout Northern Utah. Basement drywall and painting are two of our specialties. We can begin with this crucial step after we frame the basement and install all plumbing and electrical fixtures. We know how to get the job done right, ensuring your drywall and paint are up to par with the rest of your beautiful home. More importantly, we are well-known for our high standard of customer service and communication skills, making us perfect for all your drywall and painting in your newly finished basement.

Worker Patching Drywall

Unparalleled Customer Service; Superior Workmanship

At Valley View Homes UT, we are proud of our reputation for outstanding customer service, drywalling, and painting. We can meet your demands and create a customized plan based on your vision for your basement.

basement with new drywall

The Benefits of Finishing Your Basement

Adding drywall and painting your basement are two important steps in the basement finishing timeline. We work primarily with new construction projects, so we must streamline our work processes seamlessly with other contractors working on your home. So, is finishing your basement worth the effort? Absolutely! The benefits of hiring Valley View Homes UT to work on your new finished basement include:


There are more than a few ways you can utilize a finished basement. For instance, we can paint the walls in your basement soothing colors for a home office or family game room. Our team can use our skills to help create a hobby room, wine cellar, or additional living space. It all starts with drywalling and painting.

Increased Home Value

The long-term financial benefits of finishing your basement far exceed the short-term costs – by dramatic amounts. Homeowners with finished homes simply see their homes go off the market faster and get more for the house than those with unfinished basements. The quality of work matters too, something we can help with.

Energy Efficiency

Finished basements have airtight insulation that prevents air from escaping your home – something that doesn't occur in a home without an insulated, finished basement. In addition to drywall and painting, we offer basement framing, including installing high-quality insulation in your basement.

Added Income

There are a lot of things you can do with your new finished basement. After putting in drywall and paint, we can add a full bathroom and kitchenette – complete with a dry or wet bar. Doing so could make your home a prime Airbnb location or allow you to rent the space to short- and long-term tenants.

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